Fighting Mosquitoes

Out of all the insects of the world, mosquitoes have been given the worst wrap out of all of the billions of different insects inhabiting the Earth.  One of the reasons for this is that they will attack us, suck or blood and force us to itch.  On top of that, they have been blamed for spreading sickness and disease.  For this reason, mosquito control company in Houston services are called upon to combat the problem.

When we fight mosquitoes the first thing that we will do is try to slap them when they land.  This is a good thing to do but typically won’t be that effective.  What you will want to do is have a company come and spray your area.  When they spray they are trying to kill the eggs and habitats of these insects.  This is very effective but will need to be repeated on a yearly basis.

What you can do is you can wear light clothing.  Light clothing will help shield you from the mosquitoes.  Since light clothing reflects heat you will be invisible to these pests.  What you don’t want to do is wear dark clothing.  Dark clothing will absorb heat which they can detect.  Then when they detect your heat they will attack.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is a way that changes your blood chemistry.  If your blood can be detected by the insects then they will want to come and drink it all up.  So, you want to avoid alcohol which makes your body an attractive target.

Use smoke

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Smoke is a way to keep the mosquitoes away.  When we use smoke, it causes the mosquitoes to get confused and will not detect us.  Candles, fire and torches are the most common way that people will use smoke to keep mosquitoes away.

These are just a few tips, see what works for you and try to enjoy your time outside mosquito free.